TREX Plastic Recycling Program

TREX recycle plastic into benches!

We started this program in the township with the Environmental Commission (EC) in the summer of 2018. The goal is to collect, weigh and submit 500lb !! of plastic which will then be made into a bench by TREX.  Not only a great way to obtain a useful item but most importantly is keeping 500lbs of plastic out of the landfill and the oceans!!

The TREX Plastics Recycling Program

How can East Amwell Residents help?

You'll be amazed at how much of this plastic you throw in the trash everyday! Drop it into the TREX Box at any of the mentioned locations around East Amwell and it contribute to our bench collections!

How are we doing?

UPDATE Dec. 2018: Kirkpatrick Church already have over 100lb of plastic submitted to TREX!! Keep it coming!
UPDATE Nov. 2018: The E.C have reached their 500lb of plastic goal! Their bench will arrive within a couple of weeks and be placed on the Rocky Brook Trail.The RC are now helping Kirkpatrick Church with their 500lb collection. Their bench will replace the ageing one outside the church office.

Print the flyer below HERE

TREX Flyer