East Amwell Township School

Blue Ribbon

Built in 1938 East Amwell Township School is a National Blue Ribbon Kindergarten through 8th grade facility with a two year preschool program. The school has recently made some major renovations to improve the facility:

  • In 2015 the main entrance was rebuilt to enhance security and improve foot traffic in and out of the building. 
  • In 2018 the old modular buildings that have stood the test of time for the last 25 years as classrooms were replaced with an addition to incorporate not only the grades housed in the modulars but also the expanded special needs facilities.

National Blue Ribbon School 2018

In 2018 the school was awarded the National Blue Ribbon Award 2018 in the Exemplary High Performance School Category. Mr Ed Stoloski (Superintendent), Mr John Capuano (Principal) Mrs Janet Higgins, Miss Lauren Falivene and Mr Mike Casella (teachers who composed the application) attended the awards ceremony in Washington D.C. on Nov. 7th.
The school had a Blue Ribbon Award Celebration Day on November 13th.
The school's catering company, Maschios Food Service, provided free lunch and cupcakes for all students! The PTO provided celebration T-Shirts and ice cream for all students and lunch for the staff. The school provided celebration T-shirts for all staff and rally towels for the students. Mrs Bily the music teacher composed a special song for the occasion which is shown below. The ceremony video below is produced by the students @ EATV
It was an awesome day of celebrating the students, staff and families of our  "Little Gem" school!

terracycle 2019 playground challenge

Help East Amwell Township School in the 2019 Colgate & ShopRite Recycled Playground Challenge !

1st prize is a playground made from recycled materials worth approx. $55k !!

Its this simple!.. 

1. VOTE for East Amwell Township School HERE

2.Collect all used oral care products and packaging and drop off at the Township Recycling Depot on the 1st Sat. of every month or at the school.

Contest ends June 30th