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Zoning Officer

Krista Parsons                                  Hours:    Monday - Friday       8:30am-3:00pm


Contact Info:      P: (908) 782-8536 ext. 19     F: (908) 782-1967

                              Email: kparsons@eastamwelltownship.com


The Zoning Office is often the first step in making modifications or changing the use on a particular site. The Zoning Office will review applications for compliance with the established Land Use Ordinances of the Township and issue Zoning Permits. 


Zoning Permits are generally required for most modifications on a property except for routine property maintenance operations. Common activities requiring Zoning Permits include:

  • Installing an Above or In Ground Pool
  • Constructing/Installing an Accessory Structure (Shed, Gazebo, Garage or Barn)
  • Installing/Replacing a Generator, A/C Condenser, Fuel Storage Tank
  • Installing a Fence
  • Installing a Solar Array, both Roof and Ground Mounted Systems
  • Installing a Patio, Walkway, Driveway or other Impervious Surface
  • Constructing a Finished Basement
  • Expanding/Modifying established uses within an existing Residence or Business
  • Changing a Use within an Existing Building / Tenant Space
  • Conducting a Temporary Activity (typically related to nonresidential uses and block parties)

Download a Zoning Permit Application or submit a Zoning Information Request from the list of application forms, below.


Zoning Permit Application


Zoning Complaint Form

Amwell Valley Bulk Regulations

Sourland Mountain Bulk Regulations

Village District Bulk Regulations

Local Business District Bulk Regulations

Highway and Office District Bulk Regulations

Zoning Map

Combined Tax Map