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Sustainable Jersey's mission is to empower New Jersey communities to build a better world for future generations with the tools, training and financial incentives necessary to pursue critical sustainability initiatives.

East Amwell's Green Team is working on educational, fun and inspiring Sustainable Jersey initiatives for ALL residents. Take a look at what we're currently working on - and consider joining us to help! 

Sustainable Jersey East Amwell Initiative Tracker

Create a Green Team Completed 10 Points
Create an Environmental Commission Completed Required
Community Education & Outreach Ongoing 5 Points per initiative
Green Challenges / Green Fair Planned 10 Points
Electric Vehicle Charging Ongoing 15 Points
Farmers' Markets Planned 10 Points
Private Well Testing & Outreach Ongoing 10 - 25 Points
Tree Planting Programs/Protection Ordinance Ongoing 10 Points
Recycling Initiatives Planned 5 - 60 Points
  1. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  2. Community Education & Outreach

The Environmental Commission is pursuing the install of a DCFC charging station adjacent to the municipal building. East Amwell is a destination for day trippers to our wineries and farms, and for recreational enthusiasts, as well as a thoroughfare to Delaware River towns, and commuters between Trenton, Philadelphia and New York. Therefore we feel this would be a valuable opportunity which will, in turn, begin to make East Amwell and the Ringoes Village a welcoming, sustainable locale. It is 2021 after all-and hybrid/electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent! 

  • The first steps in this process is applying for the appropriate grants and getting install quotes. The grants would cover a majority of the install. 

For now, read on about the viability of electric vehicles!