Sustainable East Amwell

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Sustainable Jersey's mission is to empower New Jersey communities to build a better world for future generations with the tools, training and financial incentives necessary to pursue critical sustainability initiatives.

East Amwell's Green Team is working on educational, fun and inspiring Sustainable Jersey initiatives for ALL residents. Take a look at what we're currently working on - and consider joining us to help! 

Sustainable Jersey East Amwell Initiative Tracker

Create a Green Team Completed 10 Points
Create an Environmental Commission Completed Required
Community Education & Outreach Completed 5 Points per initiative
Green Challenges / Green Fair Ongoing 10 Points
Private Well Testing & Outreach
10 - 25 Points
Tree Planting Programs/Protection Ordinance Ongoing 10 Points
Recycling Initiatives (w/ the Recycling Committee) Completed 5 - 60 Points
  1. Community Education & Outreach
  2. Green Fest '23
  3. Reforest East Amwell

Residents may have noticed more activity within the EC ... 

One of our (many) goals is to provide community education and outreach to East Amwell residents on sustainability matters. This includes participating in and planning volunteer opportunities such as Clean Communities events, green fests, tree planting events and other educational activities. 

The EC have been working on many CE&O initiatives, such as:

  • VIP & website updates, and a quarterly online newsletter from the EC
  • Partnering with organizations to provide rain garden/barrel tutorials, and planning a green fest;
  • Providing education to residents on tree maintenance and guidance to other committees on various ordinances that may impact environmental standards within the township;
  • Planning watershed cleanups with educators on hand;
  • Pursuing continuing education opportunities via Project WET, and Rutgers Environmental Steward programs