1070 Route 202/31   •    908-782-8536   •     Fax: 908-782-1967

Seal of East Amwell Township

East Amwell RECYCLES

Bottles and Cans
Glass - any color
Plastic - bottles, jars and jugs- curbside- #1 and 2, East Amwell monthly depot- #1-6
Empty aerosol cans

         NOT Acceptable:
                   Glass - light bulbs, mirrors, drinking glasses, Pyrex ™
Plastic - oil, antifreeze, paint, spray paint, chemical or fertilizer bottles; yogurt cups or  margarine tubs; plastic bags; hard molded plastic items; straws Aluminum/Steel - tableware, foil, pie plates

Paper and Cardboard- Curbside-bundled, East Amwell monthly depot- unbundled
Newspapers, catalogs, magazines, junk mail - including envelopes, office paper
Corrugated cardboard - wavy layer in the middle
Chipboard- cereal boxes, paper rolls-depot only
Brown paper bags-depot only
Paperback books-depot only
Telephone books-depot only

         Dry cell household- depot only