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                                                Why Recycle

A common question we hear is how can I convince friends and neighbors to recycle?  They think recycling takes too much time and energy.

First of all, it's the law.  Recycling has been mandatory for decades in New Jersey.  East Amwell has a recycling ordinance that states all occupants or owners of any residential property and all businesses must recycle. This recycling ordinance is currently being revised to include the state's new requirements, which include a practical way to hold accountable those that don't recycle.  Hunterdon County has one of the lowest recycling rates in the state.  We need to do better.  In fact, we are being forced to do better with this new revision.

The reason why the state is forcing more accountability is basically, New Jersey, like many places, is having a difficult time getting rid of its garbage.  Caring for our environment, we need to dispose of our waste intelligently.  Logically, a good solution is to recycle as much as possible. 

If legal and environmental reasons aren't enough, the economics of the issue is very appealing.  To dispose of a ton of trash costs $78.50 and a ton of recyclables is $45.00, sometimes less.  For you personally, recycling is free.  If you use Raritan Valley Disposal for your curbside waste removal, they charge no extra fee to pick up your recyclables.  Our monthly depot is a free, volunteer-supported, community service.  If you recycle more of your waste, you can cut your curbside waste removal cost by getting a smaller trash barrel. 

And finally, to address the excuse that it takes too much time and energy, it's not so hard to set up a workable system. Containers where recyclables can easily be tossed work well.  It's best to put out as much at curbside as possible. Chipboard, batteries, and #3-7 plastics can only be dropped off at the depot. Try to form a neighborhood, delivery co-op, so you won't have to come every month, although our volunteers at the depot do a wonderfully quick job helping you unload your materials.  You'll be in and out in no time.

Legal issues, environmental concerns, economic reasons, and the simplicity of setting up a system that works for you are a few of the many reasons to recycle. 


Sande Katz- member of East Amwell Recycling Committee