Conservation, Land Use & History 

Read on for conservation and easement information, as well as about Sourland ecology and history. There are also maps and other helpful pieces of information about enjoying East Amwell and the Sourland Mountain region.

sourland-conservancyThe Sourland Conservancy is a non-profit organization working to protect the ecological integrity, historical resources and special character of the Sourland Mountain region. This important region includes areas of East Amwell and six other townships.

Interactive Map of the Sourlands

Become a Sourland Explorer! - For Kids!

Volunteer Opportunities with the Sourland Conservancy


North Jersey RC & D is a non-profit focused on agricultural sustainability, water resource protection and community development. RC&D works with communities, governments and grassroots organizations in establishing direction and providing education on sustainability and conservation.

NJ RC&D-Ag Assist (Deadline 3/22)

Hunterdon County & Beyond

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Looking to branch out beyond East Amwell? Check out the interactive trail map from the NJ State Park Service!

NJ Parks Trail Tracker

Sourland Tree Info.-1