Duties of the Township Committee


The Township Committee form of government is formed under the State of New Jersey Statute NJSA:40A:63-1 et. seq. In this form of municipal government voters select five Committee members, elected at-large for staggered, three year terms. Elections are partisan with the governing body holding a reorganization meeting the first week in January


Elected by Township Committee for 1 year term. Chairs Committee with voice and vote. Head of municipal government. Has all powers vested in mayor by general law.


Legislative body of municipality. Has all executive responsibilities of the municipality not placed in office of mayor.


Executive responsibility not vested in mayor belongs to Township Committee. The Township Committee may delegate, by ordinance, all or a portion of executive responsibilities to an administrator.


A resolution is a formal expression of opinion, will or intent of a governing body. The Township Committee is the governing body in the Township of East Amwell. Resolutions are normally introduced and passed at the same meeting. Most administrative matters such as approving contracts, raffle/bingo licenses, bond sales and authorizing tax refunds are handled by resolution.


An ordinance is a local law established by the Township Committee. The committee is the governing body of East Amwell Township and is vested with the authority to amend or promulgate ordinances. Ordinances (local laws that apply only within the geographical borders of the township) must be introduced by majority vote at an advertised, public meeting. Once an ordinance in introduced, the Township publishes the ordinance in the newspapers designated for that purpose at the beginning of the year. The publication indicates the date and time established by the Committee for the public hearing on the ordinance.

At the pubic hearing, the ordinance is read by title and the floor is opened to members of the public who wish to make comments on the ordinance. After the publish is finished commenting, the public portion is closed and the members of the Committee vote on the ordinance. If passed, the ordinance is again published in the local newspaper and takes immediate effect upon publication or following the statutory waiting period.


A proclamation is a document given by the Mayor and Committee to formally recognize an individual, organization, special event,  achievement or cause etc. Proclamations are generally read at public meetings and presented to the person or group being recognized. Examples of proclamations include recognizing township residents who have attained the Eagle Scout Award in Boy Scouts, Gold Award in Girl Scouts or declaring appreciation for a community volunteer or organization.