TREX Plastic Recycling Program..3500lbs of plastic recycled so far!  

TREX recycle plastic into benches!

We started this program in the township with the Environmental Commission (EC) in the summer of 2018. The goal is to collect, weigh and submit 500lb !! of plastic which will then be made into a bench by TREX.  Not only a great way to obtain a useful item but most importantly keeping 500lbs of plastic out of the landfill and the oceans everytime we produce a bench!!
The TREX Plastics Recycling Program

Q: Who qualifies to apply for a bench?

A: ANY group of people in our community!

You will need to supply 4 or 5 volunteers to help manage the plastic pick up, weighing, logging and drop off until you reach your 500lb goal. If you are interested please contact our Recycling Committee TREX Coordinator:

Chantal Napoleon

How can East Amwell Residents help?

You’ll be amazed at how much of this plastic you throw in the trash everyday! Check out the flyer below for what type of plastic qualifies for the program (Think "STRETCHY PLASTIC") Drop it into the TREX Box at any of the mentioned locations around East Amwell and it contributes to our bench collections!


Amazon pouch without label
Amazon pouch without label 2Amazon labels

  • Bring to the Monthly Recycling Depot (1st Saturday of each month in the Municipal parking lot)

Watch the video below to see how TREX process the plastic. There are some amazing statistics mentioned!!

How are we doing?

**September 2020 Update**

We are pleased to announce we can resume accepting your plastic. Drop off is at the Monthly Recycling Depot ONLY. Please DO NOT leave plastic on the Municipal grounds at ANY OTHER TIME.

  • March 20th 2020: The Recycling Committee reached their 500lb goal! Congratulations! The bench will be installed at Clawson Park.
  • January 22nd 2020: The South County Library reached their 500lb goal! Congratulations!
  • October 31st 2019: The Grange reached their 500lb goal!  Their bench has been placed outside The Grange
  • August 1st 2019: Living Waters Lutheran Church reached their 500lb goal!  Congratulations
  • May 14th 2019: DPW reached their 500lb goal! Their bench has been placed in the park 
  • Mar. 5th 2019: Kirkpatrick Church reached their 500lb goal! Their bench has replaced the old one outside the church
  • Jan. 2019: The E.C reached their 500lb goal! Their bench has been placed on the Rocky Brook Trail. 

THANK YOU East Amwell Residents for your plastics donations!, EC, RC Volunteers and Community Volunteer Groups for processing it all !

Click HERE to print the flyer below