Deer Management Ad Hoc Committee

Deer Management Strategies for Farmers Panel 

Tuesday March 5th @7pm
Municipal Building Court Room

Are you a landowner/farmer/wood lot owner having trouble with deer? 

The East Amwell Deer Management Ad Hoc Committee will present a panel on Deer Management Strategies for Farmers on Tuesday, March 5th at 7pm in the East Amwell Municipal Building. Panel members include:
• Jodi Powers, NJ Department of Fish and Wildlife
• A Local Conservation Officer from Fish and Wildlife
• Mike Van Clef, Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space, expert on deer management strategies
• Brian Kubin, top hunter in the state of NJ
• John Nance, Nance Innovations, local farmer
Topics will include the advantages of depredation permits and what to avoid, deer drives, suggested guidelines to set for hunters using your property, finding management hunters, disposing of carcasses, ways to work together, and other strategies for bringing our over-abundant and harmful deer population into balance.
Please attend and help us manage our deer population effectively. Members of hunting clubs, hunters and others interested in developing a balanced deer population are welcome to attend.

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