Girl Scout Silver Award Project: Emergency Animal Preparedness

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Amwell Valley Fire Company & Girl Scout Troop 80380

The Girl Scouts are working with AVFC48 on a community project for their Silver Award:
Emergency Animal Preparedness!
They are supplying decals for residents and pet emergency rescue kits to the Fire Department. These decals are available in the foyer of the East Amwell Township Municipal Building (while stocks last)
Please help them in their endeavors by taking this quick survey. This will help them understanding how many and what kinds of pets East Amwell residents have.  

The members of the GS Troop working on the Animal Preparedness Silver Award project are: Olivia Ostrander, Maia Ricci, Tierney Rzasa and Emily Van Cleef. The remaining girls in the troop providing support to them are Mia Connelly, Liz Hitchcock, Emma Kogut and Camille Prendamano who, in turn, are working on their own Silver Award Project to benefit cancer patients.

Thank you for your support!

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Pet-Emergency-Kit-Checklist-1-791x1024Hot Tip!
Keep a pillow case close to where you sleep or your cat (or small animal) sleeps. It’s the easiest way to scoop a scared kitty up safely to evacuate them quickly in an emergency!
Red Cross Animal Preparedness Opens in new windowUseful Links & Information on Pet Safety and Prepareness in an Emergency SituationSpread the Word Quickly!
If your pet escapes know where to post information on social media to get the most relevant views and best chance of success in your local area!
Facebook pages:
Contact your Animal Control Officer!
East Amwell’s ACO is Carolyn Murphy, Advanced Animal Control. Call: 609 915 9013. Full contact details HERE