BOH Agenda


BOH Correspondence

  1. Vector borne Report_Week 23 20231406.pdf
  2. Vector borne Report_Week 2020232405.pdf
  3. Vector borne Report_Week 2120233105.pdf
  4. Vector borne Report_Week 2220230706.pdf
  5. Vector borne Report_Week 2420232106.pdf
  6. Xylazine Flyer What to Know 20232006.pdf
  7. Xylazine in the New Jersey Illicit Drug Supply 20232006.pdf
  8. 2022 College Immunization Status Report LINCS Message20231906.pdf
  9. 2023 Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Data Brief LINCS Message20231906.pdf
  10. Board of Health Information Request re_ UAW_Urban Renewal Housing Corp., Block 27.01, Lot 18.01, 20 John Ringo Road, Ringoes.pdf
  11. COVID-19 Weekly Activity Report week ending 5_25_2320232605.pdf
  12. COVID-19 Weekly Activity Report week ending 6_1_2320230206.pdf
  13. COVID-19 Weekly Activity Report week ending 6_8_2320230906.pdf
  14. COVID-19 Weekly Activity Report week ending 6_15_2320231906.pdf
  15. COVID-19 Weekly Activity Report week ending 6_22_2320232306.pdf
  16. CSR 2022 Report Final20231906.pdf
  17. Guidance on Ending of PHE20233005.pdf
  18. HC NOV 6-14-23.pdf
  19. HPV_Data_Brief_202320231906.pdf
  20. Influenza and Respiratory Illness Surveillance Report_MMWR Week 20 20232405.pdf
  21. Lead Exposure.pdf
  22. LINCS msg on Ending of PHE20233005.pdf
  23. LINCS_Atlantic_City_Legionellosis_Cases_Final20232206.pdf
  24. LINCS_TBD Awareness_HCP_06022320230206.pdf
  25. Measles CDC Health Advisory 6.21.2320232106.pdf
  26. NJDOH Poor Air Quality Factsheet20230706.pdf
  27. PFL LNA Flyer 20232106.pdf
  28. Public Health Info _ New Funding Opportunity - Supporting Communities to Reduce Lead Poisoning (CDC-RFA-EH-23-005) - Apply by July 31, 2023.pdf
  29. Vaccine Information Toolkit for Parents and Guardians20231206.pdf