1. BOH Agenda


2. BOH Correspondence

  1. COVID-19 Weekly Surveillance Report week ending 8_04_2220220508.pdf
  2. COVID-19 Weekly Surveillance Report week ending 8_11_2220221208.pdf
  3. COVID-19 Weekly Surveillance Report week ending 8_18_2220221908.pdf
  4. Garden State Lab Report 8-17-22.pdf
  5. HC Bite Report 22-168.pdf
  6. COCA Now_Tecovirimat20222207.pdf
  7. COVID-19 Variant Report_surveillance data_07.18.22_20221807.pdf
  8. COVID-19 Variant Report_surveillance data_07.25.22_20222507.pdf
  9. COVID-19 Variant Report_surveillance data_08.1.2220220108.pdf
  10. COVID-19 Variant Report_surveillance data_08.08.22_(002)20220808.pdf
  11. COVID-19 Variant Report_surveillance data_08.15.2220221508.pdf
  12. COVID-19 Weekly Surveillance Report week ending 7_14_22 20221507.pdf
  13. COVID-19 Weekly Surveillance Report week ending 7_21_22 20222207.pdf
  14. COVID-19 Weekly Surveillance Report week ending 7_28_22 20222907.pdf
  15. Public Health Advisory _ Maintaining Vigilance for Poliovirus and Importance of Vaccination.pdf
  16. Public Health Advisory _ Promoting the Importance of Flu Vaccination for Healthcare Personnel.pdf
  17. Public Health Info _ Celebrate your Flu Vaccination Promotion Activities by Participating in the New Jersey Influenza Honor Roll.pdf
  18. Public Health Recall _ Vi-Jon, LLC Expands Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Magnesium Citrate Saline Laxative.pdf
  19. Public Health Update _ CDC and FDA Update_ Interim Clinical Considerations for Monkeypox Vaccination.pdf
  20. TBD-Schools-Memo-Superintendents-202220222907.pdf
  21. Vector-borne Report_Week 2820222107.pdf
  22. Vector-borne Report_Week 2920222807.pdf
  23. Vector-borne Report_Week 3020220408.pdf
  24. Vector-borne Report_Week 3120221108.pdf
  25. Vector-borne Report_Week 3220221808.pdf
  26. Human Parechovirus (PeV)_CDC HAN20221507.pdf
  27. Human Parechovirus (PeV)_LINCS_07.15.2220221507.pdf
  28. LINCS_PolioVaxReminder 8.11.2220221108.pdf
  29. LINCS_SFGR_0727202220222707.pdf
  30. LINCS_Tecovirimat Protocol Update_8_202220221908.pdf
  31. LINCS_Tecovirimat_Updated Protocol_7_22_2220222207.pdf

3. Items of Discussion