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East Amwell Bake-Off Registration Form

  1. East Amwell Township Parks & Recreation Committee

  2. bake off
  3. Fall Fest In The Park! 
    Sunday 2nd October, 2pm 'til dusk


  4. Registration open to East Amwell Residents ONLY. Sampling/Judging open to all.

  5. Enter details below to enter your favorite baked goods into the Bake-Off contest. Deadline to register is 28th September.
    Bring your baked goods to the Clawson Park Pavilion by 1.30pm on 2nd October. Sampling and judging will begin at 2pm, ending at 4pm. 

    Winners will be announced at 4.30pm.

  6. Please check off below if this baker is an Adult or a Child (12 or under). There will be separate contests for each.

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